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Five years....

2014-01-25 21:17:59 by Yamem

It's been around five years, since I last posted.....things sure have changed.

Fighter Art

2009-10-11 15:48:07 by Yamem

Ok, here is another {piece of art} I guess.... for you guys comments and suggestions are gladly accepted this is a alternate costume for Ken Masters. em/ken-masters-alt-costume

My first sketch!

2009-10-10 13:14:40 by Yamem

Let me know if you like it, I may just improve on it. em/my-sketch

It's my BRTHDAY!

2009-10-06 19:49:17 by Yamem

YEA! It's my birthday!

Newgrounds Rumble Walkthrough

2009-10-04 08:13:15 by Yamem

Newgrounds Rumble, so I have got all the medals and I'm writing this Medal Walkthrough for you guys, to make it easier for you guys to get the medals if you're having trouble.


Hoarder Patrol:
This is the easiet medal you can get through the game simply just snatch the first three items that appear on stage,it's that simple you can do this in any mode. You will likely get this medal while your playing through the game or getting the other medals.

People Pancakes:
To get this medal what you have to do is take two opponents and bring them underneath or in which case stomped on by the thrash compactor. You can either buy the stage Junkyard Stage then try to get this medal or do it in pico's story, I chose pico because you would probably do his story first or second. Basically when you start the stage and you have two enemies,the enemies will most likely follow you so what you do is go under the trash compactor, and when the trash compactor has a yellow light then get out of the middle and let your opponents die, this can also be done in a variety of character stories.

I will continue on this entry soon.......