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Like a new breed of Halo

This is sick, awsome!

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Great, Awesome, Fantastic!

Wow this was a really awesome game and incredibly amazing graphics this should be nominated as best fighting game, but to go to the review. Gameplay: great with all the stages and characters and with fights, there's hundreds of possible matches 10/10, Sound/Music: Incredible gives a touch with the game because it give that sort of value to the game which contrasts with the game as a whole 10/10. Graphics: Improved a whole lot from the previous Prequel (Chaos Faction), so 10/10 with the design and general touches to show a good clean way to a opening to a fighting game like this. Etc: New modes, weapons and Stage Builder and also those DLC as I would call it, where you start the game and shows classic stages where you can get the code, and get stages from the previous game to this one in amazing. 10/10, So in conclusion Chaos Faction 2 is a great game from gameplay to Music absolute package. Also the Medals are well thought of from easy ones to challenging. Great Game in all ways! (P.S. I will be making a post in my account to getting all the medals and cheats, because i'm finished)


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Too Strong

I can't defeat Canti, the guy after Natalie he's too fast once go appears like little flash he gets me,but still good game.

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Dude..it's good I guess, what's troubling me is you didn't give credit to Nujabes (R.I.P.), he was the one who made the main theme/Beat. Also, he was the one made the soundtrack of Samurai Champloo. So please next time if you're going to use someones beat, CREDIT THEM. As for the overall song, it's okay.

v150r responds:

I sampled his piano theme, nothing else, and this is a five year old submission...
but you're right :)

This is Amazing.

This is freaking awesome, no doubt an amazing song, thanks for sharing this with us, and i truly wish this would be in the real game! :D

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sshafty1 responds:

Hah, you and me both!




Awesome song man, keep going!

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Randomizor responds:

Thanks ^_^

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Very good

I liked the water design and the different colours mixed in with the picture to make a very water like visual, heads up though try using colour next time, anyways from that suggestion keep going!

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neok6000 responds:

Thanks for the advice. My next peice will be more colourful. ^-^

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